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Zuriets Delivers Cutting-Edge Textbook Solutions and Conversion to HTML5 to Boost Student Engagement.

Case Study
  • The Company: A leading publishing house
  • Industry : Academic publishing
  • Company Headquarters: Mumbai (India)
An Overview of the Project

The client is a leading academic publishing house with 50,000+ titles. It offers books, eBooks, and eLearning courses for students from all age. The client wanted Zuriets to create solutions for textbooks, specifically mathematics and science. After authoring, proofreading, and editing the textbook solutions, they were supposed to be uploaded on the client’s CMS.

The Objectives
  • Create 100% error-free textbook solutions for engineering, mathematics and science subjects.
  • Ensuring the content written is conceptually correct, identifying conceptual, grammatical, spelling, and typographic mistakes, and verifying them prior to corrections.
  • Upload Solution files in Microsoft Word to Clients CMS

Client’s Problem

  • The conversion of Word documents into HTML5 files was not a part of the original discussion, timeline, or cost of the project.
  • The conversion was to be done within the same timeline as discussed earlier.
  • The document conversion was later added as a part of the project, which made the project tedious, resulting in extra efforts from our team.
  • The initial 25 HTML5 content samples were approved by the client, after which the team delivered more than 50000 textbook solutions to the client. Later, we were asked to rework on them due to certain formatting problems not communicated by the client at the start of the project
  • The initial discussion was limited to mathematics and science subjects. However, the client ended up saying that Engineering subjects were also a part of science, for which we had to create extra solutions as per the textbook.
  • No proper guidelines were provided for writing answers to the textbook questions.

How we solved it

  • Our in-house team of subject matter experts analyzed the science,Engineering, and mathematics textbooks.
  • The chapters from the textbook were allotted to the respective subject matter experts for writing the solutions to the questions.
  • The Word documents containing the answers were proofread and edited in-house.
  • The QA/QC team checked the document for accuracy, language correctness, flow, and plagiarism.
  • Once the word documents were finalized, they were converted into HTML5 documents using an in-house conversion tool.
  • Quality checks were performed on the converted HTML5 files for any alignment and formatting issues.
  • The final HTML5 files along with the word documents of the textbook solutions were uploaded to the client’s server.

How we solved it

How did we help our client and their target audience?
  • 100% accurate, plagiarism-free textbook solutions written by academic experts.
  • comprehensive solution in-line with the student’s syllabus.
  • Concrete real-world examples are included to facilitate student learning.
  • provided 300000+textbook solutions within 60 days with high accuracy.

  • We help publishers broaden their horizons, whether it's through books or journals, eLearning solutions, or creating an interactive and enriched experience. At Zuriets, we believe that every business is unique, hence we offer a customized, tailor-made approach for every project, just like the one we did for this one. In this project, we helped the publishing house create best quality academic solutions through the power of Zuriets ‘SIMPLIFY. DIGIFY. BEAUTIFY.